Boise’s engaged businesses perform an essential economic function, but that’s just the beginning—they’re the lifeblood of the local community. Many do their part to ensure Boise Nice is who we are.

Engaged businesses open their doors to the community, get socially involved, find impactful ways to sponsor Boise’s unique events, and create loyal customers.

BNP is proud to have the support of so many Boise businesses, many of whom have chosen to display our fun brochures at their locations. Please let us know if you would like to display these brochures at your business by sending an email to!

Here’s a small sampling of Boise businesses that support our community:

Prestige Skateshop

If a skateboarder is enjoying a Boisenice session at Rhodes Downtown and their skateboard breaks, they can stop by Prestige and borrow one out of the graveyard deck bin. This bin is full of donated skateboards from local riders who want to see their old skateboards find new owners.

Payette Brewery Payette Forward Program

The Payette Forward Program was formed in 2011. Payette Brewery has proudly featured hundreds of non-profits at the brewery and has donated tens of thousands of dollars. Every Monday, 50% of proceeds from beer sales in the Tap Room go to a selected non-profit.

Ceramica Boise

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Empty Bowls is hosted in downtown Boise. Throughout the year, Ceramica collects handcrafted and hand-painted bowls from professional and amateur artisans, students and studios. The event offers the opportunity to buy one of 2,000 unique bowls and enjoy a hot bowl of soup generously donated by one of our finest local restaurants. Funds raised by this event help provide food assistance to those in need.


We’re global citizens and choose to use a socially-conscious business model to give back. Look Good. Do Good.

Here at Proof, we always strive to give back to those around us; it’s really how we got our start. We want to provide quality products that have meaning and do something beneficial through the purchase of those products. Along with doing good to mother nature, we also work at doing good to those around the world. A portion of each purchase goes to a worthy cause that we’ve chosen to donate to.