Boise Co-op employee – Several years ago, I ran into the co-op to grab a few items. I needed a particular spice and they were out. An employee asked if I needed any help and I told them my predicament. He then offered to run to his apartment a block away to get me some from his pantry. How Boisenice is that! – Lisa C.

Bogus Basin rental shop – During 2020-2021 ski season, the credit card machine went down at the Bogus Basin rental shop on the mountain with a line of customers out the door. Instead of turning away customers because there was no way for them to pay, the staff was directed to do the Boisenice thing and “rent” out the ski and snowboard equipment for “free.”

March Madness basketball fans – In 2009, my wife and I were attending the NCAA quarterfinals at the Taco Bell Arena with our 6-month-old. As we handed the ticket checker our tickets and were making our way through the turnstiles, we were halted because NCAA rules require all persons entering the game have a ticket, including babies. When the people behind us heard this, they were Boisenice and unexpectedly handed the ticket checker another ticket and said “let the baby in, too.” – Thomas G.

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